+ SEA-LABS   sea-labs.org
This project was created for Jo's Senior Computer Engineering Project Design. A group of 5 students were interested in this interdisclipinary project to create a device that will be able to provide real-time environmental monitoring of shallow-water habitats including coral reefs, sea-grass beds, and mangroves.

+ Pro-Quo   view
This project was created for Jo's Hypertext and the Web class. This idea had been bouncing around in her head for awhile but never had the free time to do it. Creating it for a class was the perfect idea. This site collects quotes from professors and lets you rate the quote and professor depending on the humor, corniniess, or other such factors. This was immensely fun to create.

+ Ground Bounce  
The High Speed Digital Design class required students to create their own experiment to see how certain designs can really affect high speed design. This required us to put into use the skills we had learned in the EDA Tools class. The point of my experiment was to try to see what would create a larger ground bounce in a circuit. There are switches on the design so you can the effects of load capacitance and load resistance on ground bounce.

Still more to come...